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Care of your Step Flex Orthotics

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Your orthotics require just two things:

  • Protect them from danger.
  • Wear them regularly.

The Instructions can be downloaded here.

Protect them from Danger

Your orthotics will suffer from heat (above 50°C) such as hot water, microwaving, behind glass in the sun, on the stove or by the fire. Yes, people have done all these things, and "no" we do not warranty or replace your orthotics from excessive heat.

Your orthotics will be ruined if you allow your dog to chew on them. This also is not covered by the warranty.

Your orthotics will wear out by abrasion. As they rub on sand and grit in your shoes, on harsh seams, on stitching or on the raw floor of the shoe the orthotics will wear away. If you remove the original shoe insole (see the Footwear section) then always replace it with a cheap flat insole (from the supermarket or cobbler). Never wear the orthotics in a shoe without innersoles or abrasion will rapidly destroy them and this is NOT covered by the warranty.

Wear Your Orthotics Regularly

If they are against your feet, then they cannot get too hot, and your dog cannot get to them. Furthermore, they will become so comfortable that you will want to wear them all the time. If you only wear them from time to time, then they will never be fully comfortable and they will not be helping you to their full potential. They don't give you any benefit when they sit in your wardrobe!

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