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What Size Am I?

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Step Flex orthotics are produced in a wide range of lengths and widths. We select your orthotics to match the length and width of the bone structure of your feet. You cannot determine the arch size based on your shoe size. Arch size and shoe size can vary by as much as three sizes either way.

The preferred method of sizing involves a footprint and also us placing the orthotics against your foot and feeling for the correct location of the bones. All Step Flex staff and distributors are experienced in this process. Many of the Medical Distributors are also skilled in correct sizing. Therefore, the best way to get sized is with a personal fitting at a show or by appointment.

What Happens at a Fitting?

Whilst it is true that only one correct shape exists for each size of foot, it is also true that feet come in a wide range of lengths and widths. Our task, when fitting you with Step Flex orthotics, is to determine the exact combination of length and width for the bone structure in your feet.

While doing your fitting, we will take a footprint of your feet. This leaves an ink impression on paper; darker where there is more pressure, lighter where pressure is less. We put no ink on you or your socks. We need the impression to help us determine the actual length and width of your bone structure, but it is also interesting to note the correlation between specific patterns on the print and a plethora of aches and pains that come from foot misalignment. This latter aspect does not affect the selection of the correct orthotic, but it does help you understand why you may be experiencing certain conditions and how our orthotics are likely to be of assistance. You'll have the foot print to keep as a reference, whether you decide to buy the orthotics or not.

You'll have a test walk in the selected orthotics. You'll realise exactly what they feel like before you decide to purchase. Your feet will change (that is, after all, the objective of our orthotics) and will become very comfortable in the selected orthotics.

A few people (about 4%) do not settle into their orthotics for one reason or another, and we can help most of these people once they contact us. If a size change is needed to solve the problem, that is free of charge (other than any postage paid at your end) within two months from purchase.

All these extra services and warranties are provided free of charge when you buy from any Step Flex office, from a Step Flex stand at a public show, or from many of our Medical Distributors. However, Medical Distributors (doctors and therapists) are not required to offer all of these remedies so we suggest you ask them about this when considering a purchase.

If it is difficult to see us in person, you can use our 'sizing kit'. Ring and pay for your orthotics, then we'll post to you the sizing kit, which you'll use in your home to create your footprints. You then send it back to us (post or email). We'll Express Post the correct orthotics direct to you. We do not send out kits until payment has been made for the orthotics.