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All the following testimonials are from our customers over the years. The original letters or emails are kept on file in our national office. To add your own testimonial, please send an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These testimonials are generally for Step Forward orthotics until 2021 and could be for either Step Forward or Step Flex since 2021. Both brands are essentially the same in respect of their performance.
Hint: Try Ctrl F to search for keywords like "knee" or "plantar".

David Porter, Tamworth, NSW

I have been using this product for over 15 years and would recommend to anyone with sciatica or leg pain. Great product! (Jun 2024)

Eva, Sydney, NSW

Long-standing problems due to a damaged joint and arthritis in my feet have prevented me from enjoyig many activities - especially dancing. The metatarsal lift provided by the Step Flex inserts took the pressure off the sore joints and allowed me to return to my dancing and many other activities. (May 2024)

Kieran, WA

I am doing really well with my Step Flex orthotics. I have plantar fasciitis and am able to manage playing more golf using these orthotics. I am also on my feet all day with my job. (May 2024)

Craig, Canberra, ACT

Just purchaed my second pair of orthotics. They have helped me with my plantar fasciitis and cannot recommend them highly enough. (Apr 2024)

Jan, VIC

Just a quick note of thanks for your help and support since purchasing my orthotics 12 months ago. I struggled with Plantar Fasciitis for close to two years before buying the Step Flex Orthotics. I had spent a lot of money on Podiatrists, Orthotics and various shoes to try and accommodate the pain in my right foot, all with very little success.  I stumbled across you by accident at the camping show in January last year (2023) and bought your orthotics as a last resort, but I am so glad I did.  You were so patient, explaining how they worked and how to “break them in”. Late last year I rang to ask some questions about the need for ongoing use of them and again the assistance was fabulous reinforcing all the information previously provided. It was suggested I drop in and see you again at the camping show this year which we did, yesterday.  Once again, you were so generous with your time and gave me great advice at absolutely no cost.  Your honesty and unshakeable confidence in your orthotics is refreshing and more importantly, as I have come to understand, well placed.

The pain in my foot is gone but I continue to wear the orthotics about 70-80% of the time purely because they now feel like part of my footwear and I don’t want the PF to return. Thank you so much for your time, generosity and for producing such a great product. (Jan 2024)

Marilyn U, Kempsey, NSW

I have been wearing my Step Flex (previously called Step Forward) orthotics since I first found them at Wauchope Caravan Show 12 or 13 years ago. They are a god-send. Cannot praise them enough. After spending a lot of money on orthotics with no relief, suddenly pain-free. Thank you Step Flex. (Sep 2023)

John, Uralla, NSW

I've had my pair of orthotics since 2017. The minute I put them in, I knew I needed them. I wear them 7 days a week. I wouldn't go without them. (Aug 2023)

Mick, Grafton, NSW

I came to the AgQuip site about a warranty enquiry and was given a replacement pair which was a hassle-free experience. The product does work as advertised. They have worked really well for me. (Aug 2023)

Libby, Langwarrin, Vic

Love my orthotics. I stand on my feet all day and since using them I no longer have knee or back pain. Thank you. (Jul 2023)

Carlie Hawke, WA

I've had my Step Flex orthotics for approximately 10 years and just recently purchased a second pair. These orthotics are a staple part of my daily life. I've suffered from lower back and leg pain for a number of years and I've found great benefit using Step Flex orthotics. With my type of pain it is very unlikely I will ever exist pain free however with the use Step Flex the ongoing pain in my lower back and legs is substantially better. I urge everyone to get a consult with Gabrielle Morgan to get a free foot assessment and improve your future today. Thanks Gabrielle! (Mar 2023)

Tarina Callanan, Gold Coast

I had suffered from back pain & knee pain for a few years - constant chiropractic visits & pain management techniques but nothing worked for long. I came across Step Flex at a show & tried their product. Instantly I felt no pain in my knee. Now, 3 months later, I still have no pain when wearing the orthotics. 10 out of 10! Definitely worth the investment. It's changed my life. (Jan 2023)

Wendy B, Ulverstone, Tas

Having worn rigid orthotics for many years, and still experiencing foot pain for quite a while, I decided to try your product and purchased a pair. My feet have improved enormously since wearing these new orthotics. (Jan 2023)

Kirstin, Tasmania

I went to Equitana and saw these orthotics. I was super-impressed with the assessment of my problems without me giving away any details. They did it all from the ink prints of my feet; things that you can’t tell by looking at me. I’m a farrier, only 37, and my back aches all the time especially after a day's work. I actually need surgery as I have two bulged disks. After putting these orthotics in my shoes I have had ZERO pain in my back. I can’t believe they worked as
well as they have. I was expecting it to help, not take the pain away even while I’m working. I just had to reach out and say thank you so much!. (Nov 2022)

Cheryl Scott, Tasmania

I bought my Step Forward orthoses just on 8 years ago and enjoyed immediate relief of my Achilles tendon pain and flat feet. I have worn them almost constantly since then. I contacted Stepflex recently with a problem and was impressed with their prompt response and assistance even after 8 years!
I have nothing but praise for the product and the service I received from Stepflex. My daughter bought her own pair five years ago (she inherited my flat feet, sadly), and she swears by them too.
Thank you again, Stepflex. (Nov 2022)

Lloyd Babidge, Tawonga, Vic

I purchased Step Flex orthotics about 4 years ago, at a hunting and outdoor event in Myrtleford Victoria. 
After a few weeks of wearing in the othotics each day became easier to walk with them, they do take about 4 weeks for your feet to get used to it.
I found after about 4 months I was getting great relief and results from my plantar foot problems. I still wear the same ones every day and couldn't walk any distance without them now. Today my daughter bought some at Henty field days and I'm sure she will find great results for her feet in a short time. Highly recommend these Step Flex inserts; they take a little time to adjust to but very much worth it in the long run. (Sep 2022)

Jenny of Kilmore, Vic

Great inserts fit in my shoes neatly and change my posture to ease knee pain. (Jun 2022)

Steve Hrissis of Melbourne, Vic

My parents purchased a pair of Step Forward orthotics for me when I was in high school (back in 2006). I've been using this same pair for the last 15 years! They have completely worn through on the heel (see attached photo) and I was wondering what the process is to have them replaced? I'm not sure what size these are. Please advise the best way to check this. (Apr 2022)

I have received my new Step Flex orthotics, very happy - have included a side by side comparison of old vs new. This is what 15 years of constant use looks like!. (May 2022)

Adrian Carroll of Brisbane, Qld

For some time I had been receiving treatment for back pain and once I was prescribed Step Forward Orthotics the difference was dramatic and instantaneous. My back pain vanished and my quality of life improved significantly as a result. I sincerely recommend this product, give them a go, you won't be sorry. (Mar 2022)

Cliff M. of Queen's Park, WA

I am pleased with the overall performance of the inserts having worn them for the past 15 years. Being very active through dancing & excercise I find they give me the balance & strength in overall posture. (Aug 2021)

Dani of Tas.

I am a retired ballet dancer and have always has difficulty finding comfortable shoes to buy. I also now have severe Raynaud’s disease in my feet. I’ve been wearing Step Forward orthotics for 11 years. I can’t wear shoes without them now. I still experience acute severe digital ischemic vasospasm but less with the orthotics in my shoes. My gait is better when walking also. (Jun 2021)

Dean of NSW

I have been wearing Step Forward orthotics since 2012. The improvement to my feet, knees and hips has been brilliant. I wouldn't be without them. Prior to this I had tried custom fitted supports with no benefit. the team at Step Forward are so supportive. I can highly recommend Step Forward Orthotics. (Feb 2021)

Kath P of Sale, VIC

I am a very active 68 year old who enjoys long walks so I need good support for my feet. I have been using Step Forward orthotics for 5 years now and I have found them to be magical for my feet. I have had other brand orthotics before and I can't believe how wonderful my feet feel now with no aches, pains or stifness. If you want your feet to feel fresh and well supported all day long, I suggest you invest in Step Forward orthotics. It is money well spent. (Aug 2020)

Eri, Access Bars Facilitator, Canberra, ACT:

I have been wearing the Step Forward orthotics every day, except when I wear thongs on the beach. Since I was introduced to Step Forward orthotics in 2012, I have become very much aware of my toes, feet, legs and body. I am very grateful that the orthotics have corrected toes/feet and lead to having a much healthier body! (Jun 2020)

Chris of Kew East, VIC

Step Forward has been so great for my back and life. Since I bought my orthotics in July 2013 I've had 70% less stiffness and pain. I love your product. I used to go to bars, or to to see a live band when I was aged around 22 and couldn't stand for more than a couple of hours. Now I bartend for 35 hours in a weekend. (Feb 2020)

Helen of QLD

I bought my Step forward orthotics approximately 18 years ago. I was not experiencing any problems but as a sales representative, I was on my feet for long hours, and also as an aerobics instructor morning and night.......Very, very hard on my feet.  As a child I tended towards over-pronation. I felt injury prevention and foot care were a priority for me. It made most sense that Step Forward orthotics were promoting my feet to be in the "ideal" position. Initially I felt like I had a boulder under my arches, but with just a little perseverance, my orthotics quickly became my best friends.

Now I am a Phlebotomist, 63 years old, and STILL spend 8 hours a day on my feet with no opportunity to sit down. I wear my Step Forwards every day.  I never have a back issue, never have feet issues, and never get sore or tired legs. Essentially, I put this down to good posture due to my Step Forward orthotics. I swear they are still as good as the day I bought them.  I wash them occasionally in dishwashing liquid, give them a bend to ensure the arch is high, and then they go back into my shoes for the next day.  They are perhaps a bit discoloured after all these years and mega wear, but they are still amazing. One day I'll buy another pair - just because! Thank you for so many, many years of body health and comfort, foot comfort, and reliability. I recommend them to everyone, given half a chance.  I hope they look you up. (Jan 2020)

Leigh of Mount Colah, NSW

I've worn your orthotics for many years. I recently bought another pair from you in New Zealand but found they were not as comfortable. I was surprised with your excellent service and speed of delivery to me in Australia of a size change which are now very comfortable. It would be great if all companies in the country had your attitude. Not only do you provide top service, you also have a brilliant product. (Jan 2020)

Esther of Brisbane, QLD

Step Forward orthotics are absolutely worth it! I have had two foot surgeries during 2013-2014 done by an Orthopaedic Foot Specialist. The problem was claw toes and bunions. Have spent at least $3,000 on prescription orthotics plus over the counter inserts and different things to cushion my feet. Still painful no matter what I tried. Was Googling soft arch supports and came across Step Forward. After viewing the testimonials I was more than happy to give them a go. Yes, it has taken me about 8-10 weeks to settle into them. More than happy to refer your product.  Will certainly be back for more in the future. (Nov 2019)

Dawn of Chapel Hill, QLD

Having had major foot surgery (4 metatarsals fused & a bunion repair) due to arthritis, my gait was altered drastically and I had major difficulty walking any distance. I came across Step Forward Orthotics by chance at the Brisbane "EKKA". I thought they were quite expensive at the time but now I know they are worth their weight in gold! I can now walk anywhere. They have been life-changing for me. Since getting my first pair in 2016, I have travelled around Australia's Top End, climbed Kings Canyon and climbed up Ubirr Rock in Kakadu National Park. With my orthotics in my shoes, I am confident to walk for as long as I want. My biggest fear is that I might lose them. I have just bought my 3rd pair which means I can leave a set in a few pairs of my shoes. I would not even attempt to walk without them.

I am so glad that the salesman sold me on taking a chance with these orthotics and I am so glad I persevered in getting used to them. Take your time. Follow the recommended time frame and I promise you will not regret it for a second!  (Oct 2019)

Beryl of Bundaberg, QLD

Four years ago I was struggling with walking due to the unbearable pain in my knees and hips. While at an event, I saw a "Step Forward" stall. I decided I needed to try something new. The agent measured and analysed my feet and walking style. I was hoping for a miracle and it was delivered! After wearing the orthotics for three weeks, the relief from my unrelenting pain to do my normal practices was remarkable. I was a bit sceptical initially as I had tried medication with limited change, but I was so happy to be wrong. The follow-up service and quality replacement guarantee if having any issue, is outstanding. Thank you Step Forward for significantly improving my quality of life. I am now a very active 76 year-old who can't survive without my Step Forward orthotics. (Oct 2019)

Helen of Perth, WA

I met Gabby at the Perth Royal Show. She talked me through and set me up with a pair of orthotics.  I work on a mine site and do 12 hour shifts in steel cap boots. I was getting sore balls of my feet, knee pain and lower back pain frequently. Happy to say that my feet, knees and back are pain-free at work now. Getting a second pair to have at home so I can leave the ones in my work boots. Definitely worth the money especially since they last a long time. (Oct 2019)

Ann-Marie of SA

Approximately 11 years ago I purchased a pair of Step Forward Orthotics. At the time I was struggling severely with Plantar Fasciitis and needed something to alleviate the immense pain I was experiencing.  It turned out that I required a Plantar Fascia Release, which I had done but I still wore my orthotics. To this day, I religiously wear my orthotics. I do not wear a pair of footwear without them. I will now be purchasing a replacement pair.....not bad seeing as though they have seen 4,015 days of solid wear. I am so impressed with my orthotics and genuinely would encourage anyone wanting better feet health to get a pair, you will be amazed! (Sep 2019)

Helen of Stanthorpe, QLD

I am really thankful that I was introduced to these Orthotics. A few minor adjustments for the body to get used to wearing them, but now use them every day. My legs no longer ache and I also don't suffer from foot cramps. It is almost as though the body has had a straightening out. I would highly recommend them for a variety of health issues. (Aug 2019)

Rosemary of Sydney, NSW

These have been amazing. After having them for a month and doing the 'breaking in regime' we have just come home from a month in the Kimberleys, WA where I wore them all day, every day. This involved walking in many gorges, often on uneven ground, over stony ground, rocks and boulders. It has been a long time since my feet and body have felt so comfortable and at ease with walking and climbing. It did take my back almost a month to get used to them (only needed my usual chiro appointments to help my back 'settle into them'). They are very expensive but they work for me. No more tired legs and feet and (hopefully) no more plantar fasciitis. Thank you. (Jul 2019)

Jenny of Sydney, NSW

Before I saw Mavis, a Step Forward Orthotics distributor, walking was so painful. My arthritic feet and back hurt constantly. I walked slumped over. As a cleaner, I was in pain and exhausted at the end of the day. I have now been wearing the Step Forward orthotics for a month. My back pain is gone! I walk with a straight back. I have energy at the end of the day. Wow!! (Jun 2019)

Fay Winter, Bowen Therapist & professional member of the Australian Continence Foundation as an allied health professional, from Stanthorpe in QLD:

The Step Forward Orthotics over the past 5 years in my practice have seen...

  • Quite a few people out of wheelchairs and numerous clients not needing their walking sticks any more.
  • Numerous cancellations of planned knee and foot surgeries.
  • Numerous clients who had stopped work because of foot, back and neck issues .... back at work.
  • Numerous clients back walking and able to live a normal life again..... which means able to get to the toilet in time!!!
  • Numerous clients regaining their normal bowel and bladder function, from the release of nerves – as their lower spine becomes more aligned.
  • Most clients come in taking morphine or very heavily medicated to needing very little and mostly no analgesics at all. (Dec 2018)

Debbie of Caulfield, VIC

I first experienced Step Forward orthotics a few years ago at the home show in Melbourne.  Each year I tried them on but didn’t buy because I already had a custom-made pair. I am a shoemaker’s daughter and have usually worn the best quality footwear. However, a few years ago I started experiencing problems like painful burning on the soles of my feet. I assumed the custom orthotics would help, which they did, for a while. Finally, after the last home show, I went to the Step Forward office and bought a pair. I felt confident about the information I was given. I started wearing my Step Forward orthotics from the day I was fitted. I broke them in more quickly than advised because I wasn’t experiencing much discomfort. It didn’t take long to be wearing them all the time. Maybe a matter of days. I have been wearing them in my walking shoes, and in some shoes which I hadn’t been able to wear before because the custom-made orthotics were too bulky. I am really happy with Step Forward, my feet are happy, and I have referred a hairdresser friend of mine, who is also very pleased. I am now in the process of referring my neighbour, who has custom orthotics, but like me, they don’t help him for long. I’m sure he’ll be seeing you soon. We who have foot problems often spend a lot of money trying different fixes. The guarantee you give is amazing and assuring. Thank you for your wonderful product, and for the advice you gave me when I called about my neighbour! (Nov 2018)

Dr. A. Tutzer, Specialista in Ortopedia, Bozen/Bolzano, Italy:

As an orthopaedic surgeon, working in a major Italian hospital, I've done foot surgeries to treat problems in the feet. I started using Step Forward Orthotics to treat patients in 2015 and have been impressed with the correction of many problems, especially hallux valgus, by use of these orthotics and simple exercises. This is something I've not seen with any other orthotics, especially custom-made orthotics. Some of my surgical colleagues are now also using Step Forward as the first, and often only, treatment for what would otherwise have required surgery. I urge medical and surgical professionals to give due consideration to these medical devices in providing best patient care and outcomes. (Oct 2018)

Nancy of Duncraig, WA

I recently purchased a pair of Step Forward orthotics.  I have persevered with wearing the orthotics, so much so that I wear them for whole afternoons that I am at work.  I still feel that slight lump from the orthotics under my foot when I first put my shoes on, but it is quite manageable.  I keep telling myself they must be helping me and they are!!!  I can now dance for several hours and not get the horrendous pain in my feet afterwards. (Aug 2018)

Elvan of QLD

I first purchased the orthotics on 05/03/10 as I was suffering arthritis in both knees.  Since wearing them I have experienced less pain and have been able to walk over an hour every day in cheap work boots only as the orthotics make them very comfortable.  I would highly recommend this product for anyone with similar problems.  (Jul 2018)

Shane of Para Hills, SA

I have been using Step Forward orthotics for 7 years now. Double the life of the far more expensive custom made orthotics I previously used. I also have increased the life of all my footwear and have less hip and back issues due to having Step Forward orthotics. The sales team and support have been by far the best that I have experienced in years. Thank you! (Apr 2018)

Jan G of Joondalup, WA

I have been wearing your orthotics for many years and love them. I had a negative experience with a podiatrist and after using your orthotics had no more problems with my feet. (Apr 2018)

Jackie C of Ballarat, VIC

I purchased my first pair of Step Forward orthotics in 2009, thinking they would be a great alternative for my 'sometimes shoes', as I also have custom-made orthotics. They opened up a new world for me and are now used 90% of the time. They fit so easily into so many shoes and are so comfortable. I highly recommend them. They have saved me $1,000's on medical expenses. (Mar 2018)

Melissa of Toowoomba, QLD

It took 20 minutes consultation and fitting for me to walk out of the Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show with my Step Forward Orthotics.  I have previously had three made to measure orthotic that did not stop me getting plantar fasciitis and other foot pain.  Since using Step Forward Orthotics, I have climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (which seemed only a dream as my feet were so painful) and walked 800 km along the Camino de Santiago.  I am so thankful for Step Forward Orthotics for taking the pain away from my favourite pastime of bushwalking. (Nov 2017)

Kerri B. of Western Australia:

My orthotics got me through my first ever long-distance walk. I did the last leg of the Camino Santiago in Spain. Without your orthotics, my boots were too small and it was difficult to find a narrow fit for my length. Women's 11. I settled on an Italian brand. Through recommendations I laced them tighter in different areas. Sometimes through the day I took them out and experienced whole different feet sensations. My most important conditions were hyper flexible ankles and ingrown toenails that podiatrists either wouldn't believe or wouldn't treat within 6 months of my walk. I needed to train right.... My job as a hairdresser meant being on my feet a lot. I bought your orthotics about 12 months before at Fairbridge. I wouldn't have made the Camino without your orthotics. (Nov 2017)

Penny Hanley

Since wearing Step Forward orthotics, my bunions have shrunk and my feet are half a size smaller. The hammer toe (little toe) I was born with looks more normal and the toe next to it (fourth toe) had curled under so you couldn’t see the nail. Now it has straightened out so much that I can see three-quarters of the nail. These orthotics are brilliant and because of them I don’t have to have surgery, which of course is expensive, inconvenient, often goes wrong plus has the risk of infection. Oh, and don’t forget the pain of recovering from it! These orthotics prevented all that and I feel so grateful. They’re worth their weight in gold. (Nov 2017)

Dragan of Rosebery, NSW:

I can say with confidence that Step Forward Orthotics are the best orthotic inserts I have ever used, as I have been wearing the same pair for the past 6 years. I was sceptical at first about the longevity of these orthotics, especially taking into consideration my previous experience with different brands on the market. Every other pair of orthotics I had purchased had lasted no more than a few months, so when the shop assistant at Step Forward Orthotics told me about the products 10 year guarantee of longevity, I was doubtful. Now after 6 years, I have never been happier with a product and am certain that these orthotics will last me the recommended 10 years and possibly even more. I recommend every consumer try Step Forward Orthotics if they want a high quality and long lasting orthotic, and coming from a very happy customer, I guarantee you will be too. (Nov 2017)

Sandie of Port Pirie, SA:

I have Morton's Neuroma on my right foot. Couldn't walk any more than five minutes until I bought the orthotics. Recently had surgery on my foot. I still wear my orthotics and can now walk four and a half kilometres every morning. Feels good to know that normal activities are within my reach, thanks to these wonderful orthotics. (Oct 2017)

Carmel of South Plympton, SA:

I bought a pair of Step Forward Orthotics from you at the Royal Adelaide Show yesterday and despite your warnings about wearing them for only 15 minutes, I walked in them for some hours.  My feet didn’t pulse with pain last night as they have for years and years.  My feet didn’t ache this morning as they have for years and years.  I got out of bed without holding onto the furniture for support and I didn’t hobble.  Fantastic. (Sep 2017)

Michael of Mitcham North, VIC:

A few weeks ago, I came in and was fitted with a pair of your orthotics. I just wanted to let you know that they have had a dramatic impact. Previously, I had intense heel and foot pain for 8 months that had not been alleviated with any form of intervention - dry needling, shock wave therapy, massage, cortisone, stretching and strengthening. I feel that I am basically 95% better and this is after just three weeks.
I was cynical but desperate so I gave it a go. Very happy I did - thank you. Life changing for me. (Aug 2017)

Lyn of Seaholme, VIC:

I wear my Step Forward Orthotics in every kind of shoe.  I have a collection of traditional podiatry orthotics which are, too bulky, wrong fit, no use.  I had heel pain and sore knees, I tried Step Forward at a sale tent in Geelong and Magic.  I followed the break in instructions while on holiday in Hobart and I would not be without my orthotics.  It has been 5 years since I first purchased and never had a problem since.  I wear them in sandals, runners, on the tennis court all day, walking in the water at the beach with my dog, sailing and all day in shoes and boots. My feet and legs are great!! Thank you Step Forward. (June 2017)

Jenni of Frankston, VIC:

I have had Step Forward Orthotics since 2012. I can see the improvement in my subsequent footprints and feel the relaxation in my feet. I no longer need to use foot baths and massages at the end of the day. (Mar 2017)

Leon of Frankston, VIC:

As I age my feet continually change. I am impressed that Step Forward can demonstrate what is happening and minimise or correct changes. Always feel comfortable to wear. (Mar 2017)

Jeanette Watts of Slacks Creek, QLD:

I have worn Step Forward Orthotics for almost 10 years now.  My arches had fallen, my feet were flat and I had knee and lower back problems.  I have none of those issues now, in fact just recently when I did a foot impression to buy a new pair, my impression now has arches.  An impressive, impression. LOL. Truly wouldn’t be without them – love them. (Feb 2017)

Barb G. of Victoria:

I have suffered with sore feet for 50 years and have been wearing ordinary orthotics for 35 years.  The problem was they weren’t supporting the transverse arch.  After only 3 months wearing Step Forward Orthotics the pain in my feet, ankles, knees and hips have improved 90% and getting better every week.  My toes have straightened out, I don’t get bad calluses anymore, my bunions have improved.  From the moment I put my Step Forward Orthotics in my shoes it felt like heaven! My feet felt like they were floating.
I would highly recommend Step Forward Orthotics to anyone who is having trouble with sore feet, knees, etc. to try them. You’ll feel the relief immediately. I have told all my friends about the relief I have experienced and recommended they try them.  I have handed out many brochures already.
I am very excited about your product and the relief it has given me. - Thank you again (Feb 2017)

Paul Lannen of Highland Park, Gold Coast QLD:

As a veteran I spent a lot of years in the Air Force & Army. I have put up with a bad back for many years with little help or relief from other orthotics & drugs. I started wearing Step Forward in 2014. Within a week I was the best I had felt in years. I have very little pain now and walk 5km a day which I have not been able to do for years. I would not be without them. (Oct 2016)

Edithe of Bellingen, NSW:

I purchased Step Forward Orthotics 3 months ago.  I have had severe foot problems, including a foot procedure, ligament damage and bunions.  I was delighted within this short period of time that there has been a noticeable improvement, especially in the bunion on my left foot and my overall pain levels are much better.
I found Step Forward Orthotics easy to adapt to and within a month I was wearing them full time. I am impressed with Step Forward Orthotics.  (Sep 2016)

Mark Watson of Warrnambool, VIC:

When you have continuous pain in your feet and no-one can give you any clear answers you get to the stage of wanting to try almost anything. My Step Forward orthotics saved my sanity and my working career as I was standing at work for up to 9 hours a day. I had problems with my arches and the top part of both feet to the extent of needing a walking stick on occasions. Once I got used to the orthotics I got my mobility back and am now relatively pain free. Best thing I ever did was have my feet tested by Step Forward who confirmed that I did have a problem and it wasn't just in my head. The BEST money I have ever spent, with long lasting results. I have NEVER written a letter of endorsement like this in my life, but like they say 'never say never'. I even checked around on what it would cost from the foot people referred to by doctors - I now know that I got a very good, fair price. Would I recommend Step Forward Orthotics? Hell yea!  (Aug 2016) 

Megan Pleasance of Oakhurst, NSW:

My husband has been wearing orthotics from Step Forward for two years and no longer has any hip complaints. It has taken a lot of money and a lot of time to find a product that truly works. Thank you Step Forward Orthotics. (May 2016)

Steven of Galston, NSW:

Step Forward Orthotics has been the best money spent on curing my plantar fasciitis! Having suffered with it for over 2 years, and spending a fortune trying to defeat the pain that was so crippling, the orthotics by Step Forward was the cure that I needed.  At first it was painful using them but within time my feet got used to them and the pain of the plantar fasciitis was going away. I recommend them to anyone who suffers from it! (Apr 2016)

Patricia of Torquay, VIC:

Step Forward Orthotics have been a life-saver for my poor feet!  (Apr 2016)

Robyn Brown of Toowoomba, QLD:

I have found that the Step Forward Orthotics have been the best thing for me since I discovered I have Morton's neuroma on my feet.  Since purchasing the orthotics in 2013, I can honestly say I have not experienced the pain I used to.  I would recommend these for all - I am about to order another set as I am getting a little lazy so instead of having to take them out when I want to put my horseriding shoes on I can now just use my new ones. (Apr 2016)

Phill of Tallangatta, VIC:

After being diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma I tried the traditional approach of going through a podiatrist and getting specially made orthotics but they never really worked. Came across Step Forward Orthotics and gave them a go as I had nothing to lose. I'm glad I did, because I no longer have any pain in regards to the neuromas. (Apr 2016)

Keith of Perth, TAS:

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for a well designed and very comfortable set of insoles that are just perfect.  I found that I was able to wear them full time in just over a week and they are so comfortable. My right foot fitted perfectly from day one but the left one took a little while to adjust - couldn't be happier. Thanks again. (Apr 2016)

Monique of Sydney, NSW:

My knees were starting to ache after not wearing orthotics for a number of years. I tried your flexing orthotics from the Easter Show and no pain in any joints; knees are fine again. The orthotics are still in perfect condition after 6 years and using them to play 3 to 4 tennis competitions a week! (Mar 2016)

Ann of Botany, NSW:

I have been wearing Step Forward Orthotics for 6 years and have just ordered a second pair. They have proved invaluable for my posture and comfort. If I don't wear them I notice a considerable painful difference. I highly recommend them. (Feb 2016)

Filippina of Templestowe, VIC:

I went to Step Forward to try their insoles. The first week I thought I would never get used to walking on what felt like a tennis ball in my shoe; but after consulting the staff at Step Forward who gave me amazing help and assistance, I now am very happy and would recommend them to everyone. Thank you Step Forward. (Feb 2016)

Pam of Noraville, NSW:

I had tried all sorts of orthotics over a 20-year period with limited satisfaction.  I first tried Step Forward Orthotics in 2006 and for the first time found something that works and have used them ever since.  (Dec 2015)

Marg of Brisbane, QLD:

About 10 years ago I developed a very nasty case of plantar fasciitis. Over a period of two years, I had two pairs of very expensive "made to measure" orthotics, spent several months having my foot taped three times a week by a physio and was wearing a Strassburg sock to bed - to no avail. Then I came across your orthotics at a show and had amazing relief from day one. I have just walked the entire 800km of the Camino in France and Spain wearing my Step Forward Orthotics every step of the way and would never be without them.  (Aug 2015)

Joanne of Nambour, QLD:

I recently purchased a pair of Step Forward Orthotics at the Nambour Garden Expo. I felt compelled to write to you to say "Thank You". Having followed the instructions you gave me to the letter, I am now happily wearing them all day, and during my 10-hour night duties as well. I have not been suffering the pain that I had previously experienced in my hips or back. I am also not as tense or uncomfortable in my shoulders as I was. The product has delivered everything you said and more. Thank you once again. (Aug 2015)

Louise Polito of Buchfelde, SA:

I am suffering from plantar fasciitis. The pain can be quite severe but with my Step Forward Orthotics, I can be quite comfortable. I wasn't getting any relief from the orthotics made for me by my podiatrist but at least I can walk now and be relatively pain-free. I have now invested in my second set to stay in my golf shoes. Thank you so much for a great product. (Aug 2015)

Ben Walder, Massage Therapist from Lismore, NSW, Australia:

My wife and I are very pleased with our orthotics. My wife's bunions have improved greatly. My neuroma has now stopped and I no longer have an issue. Thanks Step Forward Orthotics. It's a great product. (Jul 2015)

Lynette of Warrnambool, VIC:

The Step Forward orthotics I got at the Murray Bridge motorhome rally in April are wonderful. I haven't had a problem breaking them in at all and wear them all the time - I actually feel naked if I don't wear them. Another thing I have noticed since wearing them is I haven't had a B12 injection so the massaging of the foot must be helping the blood flow. Thank you for the time you spent with me at the fitting. (Jun 2015)

Sonya of Melbourne, VIC:

I have been wearing Step Forward Orthotics 24/7 and find that I no longer feel them (only first thing in the morning and very briefly if that). My feet have really come to terms with using the insoles. I have also started using them during tennis, very light jogging etc and even then, I do not feel them and my feet are not sore afterwards either. I actually notice the difference when I am NOT wearing them. My foot arch and positioning seem to be stronger (not rolling inwards like I used to before I started wearing them). My feet actually get sore from not wearing them. (Jun 2015)

Robert, Naturopath from Heidelberg, VIC, Australia:

Day to day activities gave me tired feet and aching legs. So I decided to try a pair of the Step Forward Orthotics. I was so impressed I had to stock them in my clinic. Having that extra support gave me more energy and a bouncy step. Every time I slip on my shoes the support is instantly felt. It's a good feeling start to my day.  (Jun 2015)

Gail of Canberra, ACT:

Thank you Step Forward! No more sore feet. They are amazing!! I purchased a pair at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. After the break-in period I'm wearing them everyday. No back problems; knees a lot better also. OMG what an amazing product. Looking forward to new shoes!! (May 2015)

Megan of Sydney, NSW:

My daughter and I were fitted with your orthotics at the Royal Easter Show this week.  To be honest, I only walked into the stand because my lower back pain was so bad I needed to sit down. I have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis of the S1 joint and told that I will need to take pain medication for the rest of my life. At 53, I've been worried about the long term effect on my health of NSAIDs and paracetamol/codeine combinations.

I was initially surprised that I could experience some relief from my pain during the initial fitting process. Just three days later I am very excited by the reduction in my lower back pain from something strong enough to wake me at night to something so mild it is almost not noticeable. I am still in my "break in" period for my orthotics and I am very hopeful of a full recovery.  As a side benefit, the bunion pain in my right foot has also vanished.

Thank you so much for this great product. I was concerned that the purchase price seemed very expensive for a couple of bits of plastic but I will probably save that amount in pain medication in the first few months. I would add that there is no price that I can put on the difference it makes to my life to be pain free.

I also purchased a pair for my 22 year old daughter who was with me. She has suffered from lower back pain all of her adult life. I asked her today how they are going and she replied, "I am so happy that I almost cry every time I think about it! I have literally NO back pain".  (Apr 2015)

Craig of Brisbane, QLD:

After only three or four days of part-time usage, I found my new orthotics comfortable for full-time use. Since then I have gotten to a poit where I am reluctant to take my boots off at the end of the day as my feet are so comfortable. They greatly relieved the incidence of corns and pain associated with my arthritic metatarsals. (Apr 2015)

Sandra of Sydney, NSW:

I have had the Step Forward Orthotics for more than 10 years. They have done wonders for my feet and I have had lots of pain relief. I am a nurse and I use them everyday. Many of my nursing friends have bought them too. I bought a second pair not because they broke, but because I love them and I use them all the time in all my shoes. Fantastic product and worthwhile in the long run. (Mar 2015)

Toby P. of Auckland, NZ:

I have been wearing your orthotics for nearly 3 years now. They are remarkably sturdy and easy to wear, easy to swap between shoes, and easy to clean (which doesn't have to happen very often). For some years before finding Step Forward Orthotics, I went to three or four different orthotic consultants to have orthotic soles made to fit my feet. None of those orthotics seemed to be really doing the job (and cost a lot of money when added up). What I like about Step Forward is that the soles are made to help the feet adjust to the correct shape, rather than having a sole which is fitted to the problem.......the fact that I have been using these soles for almost 3 years means that they are working. I can't imagine not having them now.  (Jan 2015)

Cate Johnson of Ocean Grove, VIC:

My girls have genetically flat feet and have worn orthotics since they were 3 (they are now aged 12 and 9).  I started off taking them to a podiatrist and they wore the traditional style orthotics.  I came across Step Forward Orthotics at the Melb Exhibition Centre and was most impressed with the design of their innersoles and the fact that when wearing them they help to correct the foot shape.

My girls have worn Step Forward Orthotics for two years now and I have noticed an improvement in their arches, this was also evident when comparing their footprints to ones taken 2 years ago.  The girls love the fact that they can transfer their orthotics to any pair of shoes they own, this was not possible with the traditional style orthotics.

With both girls growing constantly and involved in many different sports, it is reassuring to know that many conditions associated with their flat feet ie knee and back pain, will be avoided thanks to them wearing their Step Forward Orthotics.  (Dec 2014)

Geoff of Maraylya, NSW:

I have been using Step Forward Orthotics for nearly twelve months now, no back problems, no plantar fasciitis. I no longer go to the chiropractor. I love the product.  (Dec 14)

Edward of Hawthorn East, VIC:

I have been using Step Forward for nine months. The discomfort I was having prior to using Step Forward has largely diminished. I now find that I can spend more time on my feet and walk a longer distance comfortably. (Nov 14)


After experiencing pain in my left foot every time I walked I visited a podiatrist who simply told me to cut out walking as much as possible. Being a person who loved to walk for exercise I found that this was not acceptable. I went to a seminar to hear a Step Forward representative talk about orthotics. I was a little hesitant at first but my husband insisted I purchase them regardless of the cost. I am so glad I did. I can walk as much as I want, pain free. I would recommend them to anyone who has feet problems. (Oct 14)


I purchased my orthotics at Robinvale Rally and after about three weeks following the recommended 'wearing times' I found that my feet no longer ached when walking and hip and back pain diminished. I was certainly pleased to have taken the time to investigate this great relief and would happily recommend them to those for whom they are appropriate. (Oct 14)

Andrew & Yvonne of Campbelltown, SA:

We bought flexing orthotics at the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show. My husband was keen to buy but I was unsure. This was a big mistake by me! They are just wonderful! We both wear them everywhere in walking shoes. (Sep 14)

Dennis & Jan:

I thoroughly commend Step Forward. Having had severe sciatica pain for some time I have found life so much easier since fitting these. My wife also bought a pair at the same time. She had a twenty minute span before she needed to rest or go home during shopping time. Now she can stay away for hours without complaint. Unfortunately this means she is doing more shopping! We are really very happy with the decision we made to go with Step Forward. Many thanks. (Sep 14)

 Marita and Maria, SA

After a very long history of foot problems including Sever's Disease and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome which have affected my ability to walk and meant that I've had to wear orthotics for nearly 20 years. I have found Step Forward Orthotics to be the most comfortable and versatile ones about, to the point I am even able to wear them in heels to provide extra support. I have recommended them to family members who have also bought and enjoyed these orthotics.  Both my mother and I are on our second pair. Mine have lasted approximately 6 years after wearing them daily at work as a Lifeguard. My mother's pair have also lasted six years and hers do a lot of walking. Thank you Step Forward Orthotics for your product and customer service. (Aug 14)

Wendy of Melbourne, VIC:

I've had my Step Forward Orthotics for over three years. I wear them six days a week.  Wonderful! (Aug 14)

Cathy of Coffs Harbour, NSW:

I recently purchased your product shortly after arriving at the Royal Sydney Show. On 17 April to be exact. I was in a desperate way in that I could barely walk due to a plantar pad injury. Prior to going out on any given day, I would dose myself up on Panadol or similar. I could barely walk, it was easier to sit and wait for my other half to come back with the shopping. After trying the orthotics in my shoes for only a very short time at your stall at the show, WOW! I was so impressed. Instant relief. I bought a pair without even asking the price. I just love the orthotics. Yes, they took a bit of getting used to. OMG they are wonderful! I am able to walk very well with no pain. I can't believe how good the orthotics are. I would certainly recommend the orthotics. Money well spent! Thank you. (Jun 14)

Shirley of Strathalbyn, SA

I have had my Step Forward Orthotics for 6 months, wearing them all day, every day in a variety of shoes. Prior to purchasing them at the Royal Adelaide Show I wore a full length orthotic made for me by a podiatrist. The podiatry orthotics did not completely solve my knee alignment problems but since purchasing my Step Forward Orthotics I no longer have any knee pain and I walk 10 to 15 kilometres each day. I was initially cross with myself for impulse buying at the show but six months down the track it is the best buy I have ever made. I can't believe that two pieces of plastic could make such a difference! (Apr 14)

Graeme of Bundanoon, NSW:

Having had the painful condition of plantar fasciitis in both my feet and experiencing pain when I got up every morning, I thought I would give Step Forward Orthotics a go. I followed a gradual break-in plan and now wear them almost all day. I love my orthotics! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to take those first steps in the morning and have no pain. (Mar 14)

Kay originally of WA but now motor-homing everywhere:

Put up with pain and hard custom made orthotics for a long time with left foot turning and losing my arch. I had flat foot (pes planus). My dance instructor handed me a brochure on Step Forward from a Wellness Campaign. I got fitted, went by the instructions, and now I have an arch back on left foot and a pair of happy contented dancing feet. Step Forward, you are wonderful. No more hard orthotics that distorted all my shoes and looked unsightly. Now I have good balance and no pain and no-one would know you have orthotics inside your shoe. A big thank you! (Nov 13)

Neville Walker of Ballarat, VIC:

I have been involved in track and field most of my life (40 years+) and have suffered with foot problems. After using many different products, Step Forward has given me pain free feet again. I can highly recommend this product. (Nov 13)

Josh of North Melbourne, VIC:

I always knew I had "flat" feet but didn't know how bad it was until I started wearing Step Forward Orthotics. It has improved the posture in my entire body and I can now stand for long periods of time without any issues! (Oct 13)

Jackie Sherriff of Mackay, QLD:

In July 2013 I bought Step Forward Orthotics and within weeks I felt so much better, less back pain and my feet no longer ached. The big surprise was that my right foot, which used to point outwards, was straight when walking. I had previously worn "made to measure" orthotics without any benefit at all.  This is a fantastic product and it works. I cannot manage without Step Forward orthotics now. I recommend the product, and the after sales service provided by the company, without reservation. (Oct 13)

Annette from Victoria, Australia:

I purchased a pair of Step Forward Orthotics two years ago at the Henty Field Days. I barely go a day without wearing them. We are farmers who live in NE Victoria.  I am so impressed with the orthotics I cannot believe how they have allowed me to stand and work all day on my feet without limping home of an afternoon.  I recommend them to anyone who has to stand all day at work. (Aug 13)

Cheryl of Point Cook, VIC, Australia:

I have been wearing my Step Forward Orthotics for 5 years now and can't speak highly enough of them.  Due to a broken ankle many years ago, without my orthotics and proper footwear I struggle to even walk but while wearing them I feel fantastic and walk pain free with ease. (Aug 13)

Kathy from Berri, SA, Australia:

I would like to tell you how much we enjoy the comfort of Step Forward Orthotics. My husband and I came across them some years ago now. Not sure if it was the Caravan and Camping show or our local Riverland Field Days show. We have both been wearing them for the last 5 years. A combination of wearing the orthotics and being fit enough to go to exercise class twice a week, most weeks, ensures that we can still go caravanning, walking, joining in moderately challenging climbing. In addition to the obvious health benefits, it is so good to have a practical surface, easily cleaned, no smell, easy to transfer from gardening shoes to `walking out` shoes, just a quick rinse and dry and ready to go. They are still `going strong` 5 years later. Thanks for such a good product. I know they are expensive for the initial purchase, however when you work out how long they will last they are reasonably priced. (Aug 13)

Rob Plant from Devon Meadows, VIC, Australia:

After experiencing extreme pain from plantar fasciitis I purchased Step Forward Orthotics 3 months ago. Being very keen to obtain relief, I rushed into wearing them for too long without sufficient rest periods, which aggravated my situation. I received a follow-up phone call from SFO, who visited me and re-assessed my situation and were extremely helpful. I am now back to starting from "scratch" and will be patient to receive "relief". The customer service is exemplary!! (Jul 13)

Nikola Wilkie, Naturopath from Cairns, QLD, Australia:

Orthotics were the last thing on my list. No aches or pains, only tired feet at the end of the day. However, I could see the value in Step Forward Orthotics so decided to get a pair. Within the month my feet weren't tired at the end of the day and were more comfortable in shoes than barefoot at home. (Jul 2013)

Anne of Roma, QLD, Australia:

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to someone in your Melbourne Office about replacing my lost orthotics. The only thing I knew was the date I had purchased my first pair several years earlier and with your wonderful efficiency, I collected my perfect size replacements the following Tuesday in our mailbox in rural Roma, QLD. That is sensational and I wanted to say thank you for being so helpful. (Jun 13)

Greg Ryan of Bendigo, VIC, Australia:

I have had my orthotics for 12 months. They are the best. I previously had made up podiatry orthotics which were some help but with Step Forward Orthotics I am now able to walk 4-5 kms a day.  Finding Step Forward at the Caravan & Camping Show last year made it the best trip ever. (Jun 13)

Wendy Jones of Lennox Head, NSW, Australia:

On 6 April at the Melbourne Home Show I was fitted with a pair of Step Forward Orthotics. I had a collection of at least 15-20 pairs of orthotics (both professionally prescribed & generic) none of which had given me extended relief of metatarsalgia symptoms.....until now. I never lost hope of finding a solution to my running pain, even if it was against my Podiatrist, Podiatrist surgeon & Orthopaedic Surgeon's opinion. At long, long last Step Forward Orthotics now allow me to enjoy my running passion comfortably.

Two weeks ago I was invited to participate in a 37km walk or run, cross country event. So I trained by doing approx 5 power walks/ jogs during this period, the longest being 16km. Realistically I had not spent the time in my orthotics or done the event distance training. However, on the day I felt great & my feet even better. As a result I ran 30 of the 37 km distance with NO foot pain in 4 hrs 43 mins. Not only that, but I had no delayed foot pain. For the first time in 20+ yrs I had NO foot discomfort during the 37 km event.....truly a miracle from my perspective, especially as I had been naughty & not followed the Break-in instructions.

My greatest regret is not finding your product sooner. I cannot praise your product enough or thank you for returning my ability to pursue my passion of endurance adventure racing, triathlons and running events. One very happy customer! (May 13)

Maria Silber of Avondale Heights, VIC, Australia:

Just a short note to say thank you for the loan of this pair of orthotics.  I can now use the original pair I purchased without them causing numbness in the toes.  I would like to commend the staff in your Doncaster office for their ongoing help.  Your company has been a pleasure to deal with and has provided the best back up service I have ever experienced.  Congratulations on your professional and caring culture.  (Feb 13)

Edward H, of Dorset, England

I'm now using them all day, every day, whenever I am out.

They're perfect for my golf shoes and hiking boots.  I did a 50 mile hike over 3 days and for the first time for many, many years, I did not have to take my boots off each time we stopped to give the feet a breather!!!  I think they are the "bees knees"!!  (Jul 12)

Val Laing of Mill Park, VIC, Australia:

I purchased Step Forward orthotics on 19 December 2007.  I have been very happy with them, as previously I had purchased 5 different orthotics and had no use from them at all!! (Sep 12) 

Nola Saul of Highland Park, QLD, Australia:

I suffered severely from Plantar Fasciitis until I visited a homeshow on the Gold Coast where Step Forward Orthotics were being demonstrated. After being measured I purchased these orthotics and I have been wearing them for 4 years and have found wonderful relief and now cannot do without them. I could not speak highly enough of the after sales telephone service I received. It was very helpful during the early period and even now, 4 years later, the personal service is excellent. I would highly recommend Step Forward and their orthotics to anyone who has a foot related problem. (Jun 12)

 Rosemary & Glen of Laverton, VIC, Australia:

These orthotics are an absolute godsend. Both Rosemary and myself have used them for nearly 10 years. I always had problems with my back and since using them have been back-pain free. Rosemary is a nurse and was considering a new occupation because of knee pain and swelling but her problems virtually vanished straight away. Very highly recommended. (Jun 12)

Lori of Loxton, SA, Australia:

I am writing to say how happy I am with your product! Still wearing them.  The podiatrist I go to was horrified and said they are too hard and 'one fits all' but I have to say for me they have been great.  Took ages to 'wear them in' but once done, I have been extremely happy and it's helped me to be able to go without in wedding shoes for an hour or two. Keep up the good work.  (Jun 12)

Dawn of Gold Coast, QLD, Australia:

I have been wearing custom made orthotics for the last 8 years due to a fully collapsed Navicular bone in one of my feet.  Unfortunately these orthotics just kept holding up that area of my foot, and it seemed that due to the height of the support, the front part of my foot twisted to the opposite side. This in turn caused pain and discomfort at times. After researching everything I could find on Step Forward Orthotics, I purchased a pair in January 2012. The best thing I have ever done for the relief of discomfort and pain in my injured foot. After just a few months my foot has straightened quite a lot and the arch has started to have more strength and will continue to improve because these orthotics exercise the foot. Another thing I am happy about is I won't have to buy expensive orthotic shoes as these orthotics are so easy to wear in sandals with straps or any type of shoe, apart from the savings of not having to purchase any more orthotics. I have found the staff at Step Forward so willing to help me, so I can honestly recommend them. (Jun 12) 

Rob of Holsworthy, NSW, Australia:

Whilst at work I am on my feet all day and at day's end suffer from fatigue. The inserts have helped in combating this effect as well as being very comfortable. (May 12)

Allan White of Raymond Terrace, NSW, Australia:

I had fixed orthotics for several years and found them unsuitable for running and other sports. Once I was accustomed to Step Forward orthotics, my life changed wonderfully as I am now and still exercising as I like. They are an excellent product, easily cared for and they have kept my heel bone spurs away. Thanks Step Forward. (Apr 12)

Robert Lim of Daceyville, NSW, Australia:

I've been using the orthotics for a year now. I find them very comfortable. I've very flat feet on both legs. I can walk much more freely than before. I would recommend to anyone who has flat feet or needing arch support. I am wearing them everyday now. (Apr 12)

Virginia Wilkinson of Weston, NSW, Australia:

I have had my orthotics for 12 months now and rarely go without them. They have helped me with a spur I had on my heel and everyday comfort at work. I am standing on my feet all day. I am more than happy with them and have recommended them to others. (Apr 12)

Dianne of Mooroopna, VIC, Australia:

Before I came across Step Forward orthotics, I was having great difficulty in walking, even just standing. I had a spur in my right heel, had tried other orthotic supports (but with no breakthrough), and bunions on both feet. After seeing Step Forward at the Shepparton Home Show, I have had amazing results. The spur is gone and I can walk long distances now - my bunions haven't bothered me since. I have treated them by their advice - thank you Step Forward for my amazing results. (Mar 12)

Peter Newell of Morwell, VIC, Australia:

I purchased my orthotics at the Morwell Home Show mid-February 2012. I was curious about your claims and took notice when you pointed out my problems which were obvious to you. Many problems with my feet, a born sceptic but desperate for relief, I succumbed.  I tried to follow the instructions as sclosely as I could, gradually getting to the stage of wearing them most of the day. The results are amazing. I stand taller and straighter and my constant pain has reduced dramatically. Thank you so much. I would recommend you and your product to anyone.  (Mar 12)

Bruce Goulds of QLD, Australia:

I couldn't let another day go by without thanking you for the quality orthotics you sold me. I'm sure you have lots of testimonials from people but I am a torture test of any of these devices. My left leg is 85% paralysed, hence all weight is transferred onto my foot, through my leg to my pelvis and spine whenever I walk, stand or lift.

Long before a home show is over my leg would usually go into spasm - I am normally reaching for Panadeine Forte, slow release Tramal and sometimes even off to the hospital for a Pethidine injection – not this time, no spasms no significant pain – not even after pack up – all good. (Mar 12)

Mitchell Dries of NSW, Australia:

Step Forward orthotics have been brilliant since I have gotten used to them. I followed the break-in instructions and within two weeks I was able to wear them every day. Because of this I have had no foot, ankle or back problems. Thank you very much for your continued support on the issue. (Mar 12)

Rod Oakes of Adelaide, SA, Australia:

I found that my feet started suffering a burning sensation when I walked long distances. Step Forward Orthotics have made walking far more comfortable and I have enjoyed pain free feet for the past five years through wearing them. (Feb 12)

Helen Brookfield of Hobart, TAS, Australia:

I am loving my orthotics which have given me so much relief!  I followed the break-in instructions religiously and now find that I am comfortable in them all day.  I have achieved so much pain relief that I no longer need to wear my magnet around my ankle.  My foot does not become stiff in the night and I am able to bush-walk comfortably for well over an hour now.  Thank you so much.  (Nov 11)

Samantha of Mt Nelson, TAS, Australia:

My Step Forward orthotics are AMAZING! My feet are so happy! Moreover my knees and back are pain free and happy again too! Thankyou. (Nov 11)

Anonymous of Portland, VIC, Australia:

They were very uncomfortable for a while then one day I never felt "anything" and I remembered that I used to have sore feet and they were better!! (Oct 11)

Lesley Hall of Warragul, VIC, Australia:

I have had the orthotics for 2 years now and they are wonderful.  No more hamstring and knee pain and the bunion on my right foot is better. Would highly recommend them. (Oct 11)

Cheryl of Altona Meadows, VIC, Australia:

Step Forward Orthotics are a wonderful product. Suffering from an arthritic ankle as a result of a very severe break, wearing these orthotics has allowed me to walk and continue a normal life. "Just the best!" (Aug 11)

Anonymous of Melbourne, VIC, Australia:

Totally love my orthotics!  I have had them for a year and after spending a fortune regularly, I now use my one set!! Thank you for designing them!! (Aug 11)

R Mahony of Berwick, VIC, Australia:

I could hardly walk any distance without being in so much pain with my plantar fasciitis.  Wearing the Step Forward orthotics has improved my mobility and I can walk long distances. (Aug 11)

Norman Munns of Newlands Arm, VIC, Australia:

Step Forward orthotics fix up flat feet.  They gave me my arches back.  Thanks! (Aug 11)

Chris Galletti of Ashfield, NSW, Australia:

My legs haven't felt this good for a long time and my knees are much improved as well. I am afraid the podiatrist I used to go to has lost my business. I am very happy so far with the Step Forward brand and hope things keep improving. (Jul 11)

Michael, Acupuncturist from WA, Australia:

My clients are all thrilled so far with their Step Forward orthotics. I shake my head at the terrible stuff most podiatrists make for their patients! I’m also very pleased that I can offer my patients an in-house solution to their problems that I know works as I use them myself. (May 2011)

Joy of Warrnambool, VIC, Australia:

Step Forward orthotics are the most fab! (May 11)

Sue and Kerry of Wagin, WA, Australia:

Step Forward orthotics have made a big difference to us. We've had them for a year, walk everyday and previous problems such as tender feet, no longer plague us. We're completely happy with our orthotics. (Apr 11)

Pip of Boorowa, NSW, Australia:

Thank you so much for a whole year of amazing relief for my feet. Up until I visited your display at the Sydney Easter Show in 2010 I could hardly walk due to the terrible pain in my feet. I wear the step forward orthotics almost every day all day, they are very important to me and have given me back a quality of life I did not have due to the continual pain in my feet. I am a client that is so very grateful for your wonderful product. Keep up the good work. (Apr 11)

Caroline Camilleri of Darwin, NT, Australia:

OMG Step Forward Orthotics!!! I believe in miracles now!! At last the pain in my feet is gone (heel spurs & plantar fasciitis) & now I feel like I am walking on cotton wool when I walk in bare feet. The pain in my left knee has gone (have had 2 ACL reconstructions on this one), the pain in my glutes is subsiding, I can walk freely again & stand normally!! One word...THANKYOU!!! (Dec 10)

Barbara of Melton, VIC, Australia:

The orthotics have lived up to all I was told about them. After a small settling in period, they have worked very well. They have given me back my mobility and confidence. Thank you guys!! (Dec 10)

Bernadette of St Kilda, VIC, Australia:

Excellent product, great results! (Nov 10)

Gisele Simpson of Naremburn, NSW, Australia:

I spent an absolute fortune on feet specialists and even a bigger fortune on specially made orthotics and still I was left almost crippled with my bunion and heel spur. I was in fact booked into hospital to get my bunion removed. Luckily I came across Step Forward Orthotics and I swear I have not looked back and pleased to have cancelled my operation. For the first time I can walk without pain and I feel so amazed at my newly found pain-free liberty that I want to tell as many people as I can because these, I feel, are like a miracle – I have no other word for them. These are cheaper than personally made orthotics as well as more hygienic and they are so light that they fit much better in your other shoes or sandals. Thank you so much for fitting me with these wonderful orthotics. (Sep10)

Denis Cassell of Viveash, WA, Australia:

The orthotics I purchased at the Perth Royal Show last year (2009) have been a godsend for my feet. I was amazed at the improvement they made. (Sep10)

Jo Beven of Broken Hill, NSW, Australia:

Terrific. No more back or neck pain. (Jul 10)

Alex Gatt of VIC, Australia:

I recently exhibited at the Melbourne HIA Home Show and discovered these orthotics. I have been using the cheap temporary ones you buy from the chemist that are effective for no longer than a month. The only other option I came across was the overpriced, moulded to fix one problem, inserts. After wearing the Step Forward Orthotics for 10 minutes I could feel the difference. Better still, the more I wear them the better they get. Thank you Step Forward. You have changed my life. (Jun 10)

Wendy Brennen of Kurrajong, NSW, Australia:

I do not want to live without my Step Forward Orthotics. They gave me back a great quality of life. (May 10)

Charles Cutlack of via Broken Hill, NSW, Australia:

Step Forward Orthotics have absolutely made my life. I have been using them for four years and have never been happier. (May 10)

C. Edwards of Geelong, VIC, Australia:

I had spent a fortune on orthotics which I found to be uncomfortable and ineffective. After buying these orthotics, I found them to be absolutely wonderful. I have no hesitation in recommending them. (Apr 10)

Dianne Williams of Belmont, VIC, Australia:

Since purchasing Step Forward Orthotics, they relieved pain from my left foot. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who suffers from foot problems. (Apr 10)

Suzanne of Marysville, VIC, Australia:

My feet have never felt better. (Apr 10)

Evelyn of Mortdale, NSW, Australia:

When I visited your stand at the Royal Easter Show in 2009, I must say I was a little sceptical about the full benefits of SFO and having received notice that an operation on my ankle was the only solution, I decided to try this avenue. I now have 90% movement back and am returning to competition "Physy" in 2010. Thank you for such a simple solution to a complex problem. Yours in fitness! (Apr 10)

Anne-Marie of Craigmore, SA, Australia:

I purchased my orthotics one month and one week ago. I needed to get into contact with you and convey my utmost appreciation to you and the orthotics you sell. I have had a plantar fascia release, a heel spur ground out and am experiencing the same trouble with my other "good foot". I was sceptical at first at the benefits but my doubts have been put to rest. I needed to get measured for a costume the other day and have added a couple of centimetres to my height because of my improved posture, woo hoo! My pain in my "good foot" although it is still there at the moment it has decreased and the pain in my bad foot has decreased; something which has not happened since three years after the operation. I have recommended your product to my friends and work colleagues and tell anyone who will listen of the health benefits of the orthotics. I love them! Thank you, thank you! Thank you a million dollars worth of thank you's! (Apr 10)

Margaret of Viveash, WA, Australia:

I'll always be thankful that I stopped to pick up the "Have A Go News" to have something to read on my train journey home about 4 years ago. There I read a small advertisement on "Step Forward Orthotics". I had worn orthotics for many years and only recently had spent over $600 on new orthotics from a Podiatrist and yet I still experienced lower back pain along with other problems with my feet. I saw a Muscular Skeletal Specialist on a fairly regular basis and during each visit would receive manipulation to put my pelvis back into alignment. I arranged for a representative to call and as soon as I went for my first short "walk" around my house I felt something in my spine shift as my pelvis was returned to its original position. I have now been wearing "Step Forward" orthotics for around 4 years and never since have I had to return to the specialist to have my back manipulated. I am so happy with them that recently I purchased a second pair as insurance in case I ever misplaced my orthotics. (Jan 10)

Fred of Perth, WA, Australia:

At the Ozzies last year (Australian Dancesport Championships) I could hardly walk up the steps because of my bad knee. I bought orthotics, put them in my shoes and suddenly I could walk strongly up the steps. Over the following months, my knee pain gradually faded away. I wear them always – for competitive dancing and general wear. (Dec 09)

Dr Peter Pocock, Chiropractor from Hoppers Crossing, VIC, Australia:

I wear orthotics myself so I have to be impressed by the orthotics before I will prescribe them for my patients. I get great results. In fact my feet feel better using Step Forward Orthotics compared with any other orthotics I had used in the past. My feet feel like they are getting massaged all day. They feel less tired at the end of a day's work. I am able to run without knee pain and work more effectively. I have no hesitation in recommending Step Forward Orthotics. (Nov 2009)

Don and Rona of Croydon in Melbourne, VIC, Australia:

The cost of the Step Forward Orthotics has been the best investment we have ever made. It took a while to get used to but the changes over the last 12 months are remarkable. The soles of our feet are silky smooth – no more calluses. My hammer toe is now straight and Don, with nerve damage to his feet, is now able to walk more comfortably and for hours longer. Thank you Guys!! (Nov 09)

Ken Salomon of Qld, Australia:

I have a 40 degree scoliosis curvature and have been in pain for 30 years. I started using Step Forward Orthotics in my work boots and noticed I could do more strenuous tasks – the sort of tasks that would normally send me to the chiropractor. I normally go to the chiropractor every 3 weeks. With the Step Forward orthotics I did not go to the chiropractor for 10 months! I can wear them in my normal dress shoes and be totally pain free. I am amazed! (Oct 09)

Michael Booth of Toowoomba, QLD, Australia:

I purchased my orthotics twelve weeks ago. I had painful heel spurs that prevented me from walking. This required injections every three months. I also had extremely bad back, hip and neck pain and did not stand straight. I was very sceptical at first but after the wearing in period, I soon noticed my heel pain was gone; my back and hip pain was greatly eased; my neck pain was also gone; and I was standing straighter. I wear them all the time now and thoroughly recommend them. Many thanks to Step Forward Orthotics. (Sep 09)

Rick Simmons of Wangaratta, Vic, Australia:

No pain, no discomfort, great for migraines, headaches, back pain – Love 'em! Thanks Step Forward. (Sep 09)

Jenny of Melbourne, VIC, Australia:

I have been wearing my orthotics for four months and can't believe the change in my left foot and posture. Love them. Thank you. (Aug 09)

Wal Merriman of Boorowa, NSW, Australia (Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Chairman):

My back is the best it has been. A combination of exercise and Step Forward Orthotics. (Jul 09)

Howard Payne of Maryborough, VIC, Australia:

Thank you for your product. You have saved my feet from standing on a concrete slab at work! They go in each pair of shoes I wear as I go out the door. (July 09)

Kevin Quinn from Kingston, QLD, Australia:

I bought my orthotics at Farmfest 2008. I had bad heel spurs that left me in agony every day. I am a builder and found it very hard to get around. After three months of wearing Step Forward orthotics I am no longer in any pain at all and wear them every day. I didn't think anything would work, but what a great surprise. Thank you. I'm glad I persevered and now can walk pain-free again. (July 09)

Larna Jones of Caboolture, QLD, Australia:

Having purchased my orthotics 12 months ago, I have found them to be exceptionally good. I don't go without them, whether it is in my sneakers or slippers, I've always got them on. I ordered mine through the post which was convenient at the time. It was good to see Step Forward at Farmfest this year. (July 09)

David Wilson of Wahroonga, NSW, Australia:

A wonderful product, however I'd like to write to thank the staff in Melbourne for the wonderful follow up support I received when calling your freecall number – true to your word in regard to your satisfaction warranty. (July 09)

Eleonore Gerl from Austria:

I am very glad to have found your orthotics. Without them I cannot dance without pain. I panic at the thought of losing them so please send me another pair! (June 09)

Tracy Cavaleri of Winston Hills, NSW, Australia:

Over two years ago our local podiatrist confirmed our son needed orthotics for flat feet (fallen arches) as he was experiencing knee pains during and after sport, giving him a set of orthotics to compensate the problem, not fix it! However as a mother I wanted a solution to correct the problem and by luck came across Step Forward Orthotics at the Easter Show in April 2008 and after a consultation bought a pair. The difference in my son's feet after only one year is amazing. The arches have lifted and his feet are correcting themselves. He finds them comfortable to wear, his knee pains have disappeared and his posture is nice and straight. I would recommend to all parents not to just accept their children's condition but to look towards a solution and at Step Forward Orthotics you'll find it. Sincere thanks to Step Forward Orthotics. I couldn't be happier. (May 09)

Mark Briers of Sydney, NSW, Australia:

Some time ago I had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and the podiatrist had me fitted for special shoes. These did ease the problem in my heel temporarily but led to pain in my instep and pins and needles in two of my toes. I was in constant pain whenever I walked. I had come across Step Forward orthotics both in the USA and at the Sydney Easter Show but was very sceptical. When I decided to have my feet checked by you, your diagnosis was so spot on, you picked up the problem with my heel straightaway and also the pins and needles in my two toes. What really knocked me out was that you asked me if I'd had a lower back problem, which I didn't even think about when I was tested. Two and half years earlier I'd had a serious work related injury to my L5 disc in my lower back which will always be a problem. You told me that the inserts would even help me with my back problem and that it would take me about 7 weeks to be able to wear them fulltime,

Within 7 weeks my foot was feeling so much better and a short time after this all pain disappeared and has never returned in the last 2 years. If someone had told me before this that a plastic insert placed in each shoe would cure my foot problem, I would have told them to pull the other one. I still wear the inserts today and can't thank you enough for all your help. Good luck in curing many more people with serious pain issues. (Apr 09)

David and Enid Hewett of Mitcham, VIC, Australia:

We have used Step Forward Orthotics for the past 8 months and have found them to be more comfortable than the standard podiatry orthotics. We would not consider going back to custom-made orthotics as Step Forward flexible orthotics give our feet all the support they need and we are both very happy with them. David has purchased a second pair to leave in his work boots. (Apr09)

Isabel Jardine of West Hindmarsh, SA, Australia:

I have used conventional orthotics from a podiatrist and found they did me no good and had to be kept dry as they were leather. Last year (2008) I bought Step Forward Orthotics for my problem feet. At this point March '09 my right foot joints have realigned and do not pain me and my left foot is not far behind. They are easy to use and keep clean. I have worn them in sandals at the beach. I am on the way to better feet which has also helped my lower back and posture. (Mar 09)

Dr W G Dooland of Toorak Gardens, Adelaide, SA, Australia:

Exceptional product, 1 year's use, perfect comfort for the first time in 20 years. I came back and bought 2 more sets for "lifetime" safe walking. (Feb 09)

Noel Benham of Blaxland, NSW, Australia:

Thank you for the amazing relief afforded by your orthotics. For years I suffered with pain in the metatarsals of my feet which was reaching the point where I was no longer able to stand or walk for other than short stretches of time. I am otherwise fit and this loss of mobility was severely affecting my (and my wife's) life-style as in semi-retirement we greatly enjoy travelling and exploring on foot. Following the recommended "break-in" period, the orthotics have provided incredible relief to the point where walking, all day if necessary, is no longer an issue. (Jan 09)

Bel of Hinchinbrook, NSW, Australia:

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for giving me my life back and virtually pain free! For over a year now I have suffered excruciating back pain from a herniated disc at L5:S1 which is encroaching on the main root nerve. I was told by doctors that I would have to put up with it as there was nothing they could do to fix it until it ruptures. They also said that I could look forward to being in a wheelchair by New Year, possibly for the rest of my life. Then, on November 22 this year, I went to the Sydney Motorcycle Show. I was in agony and could barely move when I decided to have a look at your stand. I was sceptical as I have had orthotics before. I sat down with help and was fitted. I was helped up, and told to "take a walk and see how they feel". MIRACLE! I could walk without any pain for the first time in exactly a year! I have been wearing the Step Forward orthotics since then and have the occasional day where I get a little achy. I can now walk, run and get back on our motorbike! And the best thing - I will be able to WALK down the aisle at my wedding instead of being in a wheelchair like the doctors told me I would. I have passed on your contact info to some of my family and friends in the hope that you can help them too. THANK YOU Step Forward for giving me my freedom back and taking my pain away! (Dec 08)

Barry Peart of Lewiston, SA, Australia:

I had a lot of trouble with my heels being sore when I first stepped out of bed and walking long distances. I saw the Step Forward Orthotics at the caravan show and tried them on and it felt like there was a rock in my shoe. Anyway I bought some and the rock slowly began to recede and now I wear them all the time and have no more trouble with my heels. (Nov 08)

Roger Montgomery of Coombabah, QLD, Australia:

I bought my Step Forward Orthotics earlier this year. Before having my orthotics I hated shopping because after 30 minutes or so on my feet, I would get lower back pain which would intensify so that after shopping for an hour I'd need to sit down and rest my back for 15 minutes or so before I could continue. Since having my orthotics, I can shop all day and sit down only when I need a rest; back pain is now history.

When I bought them I thought that it was either one of two outcomes: EITHER I have just wasted a fair bit of money OR they are fantastic. I am very happy to say that they ARE fantastic and not at all a waste of money – in fact, I feel that the money is an investment in my health. (Nov 08

Mick Koch of Angaston, SA, Australia:

Yes they work – I can bend to open my office door with a low handle and rise from chairs with no discomfort in my back. (Nov 08)

David Mackenzie of Kirribilli, NSW, Australia:

Thank you so much for your help and support following my disastrous dealings with [another company] who also sell orthotics which I purchased at the Sydney Royal Easter show in March 2008. After weeks of waiting, when they arrived, 30 minutes later my heel was cut open due to their rigid inflexible design. Trying to reach [the other company] to return them or have them replaced was a complete waste of time – no response. Now, having used your flexible orthotics, I am no longer in pain and walking like never before. Thank you so much again! (Oct 08)

Karen Hooper of NSW, Australia:

After wearing the orthotics for 4 weeks I can say they have changed my life. I power walk an hour a day (pain free) which I haven't done for many years. I am so happy that I now have these orthotics (previously have tried at least 10 other brands from shops and podiatrists since 2000). Although I am not completely pain free and still do have some discomfort at times with my feet, these orthotics really have changed my quality of life. The freezing cold aching sensation has gone too. Most of the pressure is off the ball of the foot and after having 3 operations I only wish I had found these orthotics earlier. I just wanted to update you on my progress and to say thank you again. (Oct 08)

Margaret Greer of Brisbane, QLD, Australia:

I am thrilled with my Step Forward Orthotics. The pain from a Morton's Neuroma is gone and my posture is greatly improved. My foot doesn't feel like it is leaning to one side any more. After just one month the leg cramps have gone and I can wear the orthotics in my dancing shoes. (Sep 08)

Janice Bird of Coles Bay, TAS, Australia:

I have had my orthotics for around 18 months and have found them excellent. I had plantar fasciitis for 2 years before Step Forward Orthotics fixed the problem. Thank you for your help. I can now walk as far as I like. (Aug 08)

Cyril Dymke of Grass Flat, VIC, Australia:

I purchased the arch supports at Wimmera Field Days early in March. At that stage my back was in a bad way and it was difficult to walk any distance without stopping to relieve pain. I now wear them continually but of course only off and on for the first few weeks during the breaking in period. As expected, at first during this time they became uncomfortable so I took them out and followed the instructions. After three months, I can truly report a vast improvement and can recommend their use. Prior to their use and also after, I have had other back and hip treatment which may have helped to a greater or lesser degree. But I truly believe the "supports" were a major factor so I must give due credit where it is due. I wear them full time and they are now very comfortable. I believe it is important to emphasise that during the first few weeks this is not so. It is essential to persevere because it takes time for the "system" to adjust. Keep up the good work. (Jul 08)

Peggy Biden of Bundaberg, QLD, Australia:

In May 2007 my husband and I were at a local agricultural show and had been walking around for about an hour. My legs were aching so much that I had to rest while he continued on. I had started to think twice about going anywhere because of the problem with my legs. Luckily I discovered a representative of Step Forward Orthotics at the show. He spent some time explaining the orthotics and I agreed to slip a pair into my shoes for a trial. As soon as I walked the pain in my legs became less and I was convinced that this was what I needed. Now I wear them almost all of the time. I am very active and on my feet most of the day, every day, and I just know I wouldn't be doing that without the orthotics. I NEVER have painful legs now. The initial outlay seemed a lot but worth every cent – I am sure they will last a long time as I cannot notice any deterioration in the 14 months I have had them. I would not hesitate to recommend them. (Jul 08)

Ruth of Belgrave, VIC, Australia:

As long as I can remember I have gone over on my right heel and ruined so many pairs of shoes. I also suffered lower back pain. A year ago I was persuaded to invest in Step Forward Orthotics with, I must admit, some doubt. Within this time my back ache has gone and my shoe wear is normal. I no longer visit the chiropractor and I walk with comfort. Thank you Step Forward. (Jul 08)

Davina Ancelet of Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia:

I am very happy with the results of the foot supports. I started wearing them all day from my second day and even twice for half an hour on my first day. I felt the immediate "correction" or "alignment" of my feet, especially in my lower left back. I did some simple manipulation twists putting my clasped hands over my head and rocked from side to side then slight twists right and left and experienced a series of "clicking" down my spine and a couple of bigger clicks at the bottom right of my back. It felt like a great release. Swelling on my right foot is gone. Thank you so much. (Jul 08)

Colin Semmler of Salisbury East, SA, Australia:

Thank you for introducing me to Step Forward Orthotics. I suffered quite a lot from back pain around the hips and lower spine. This happened a lot from stooping and lifting. But since I have been wearing the orthotics, my back pain is virtually non-existent. I still suffer from arthritis but the orthotics helped my back and I can do jobs I couldn't do before. Definitely worked for me. (Jun 08)

Leo White of Launceston, TAS, Australia:

I had plantar fasciitis in New York in 1999. My orthopedic doctor recommended Step Forward Orthotics. They helped me and I continue to wear them today. I now live in Launceston TAS. (May 08)

Betty of Myrtleford, VIC, Australia:

I work as a traffic controller and find flexible orthotics are marvelous. Feet and legs do not ache – love them. (May 08)

Lorna Howe of Baradine, NSW, Australia:

Wonderful invention. My feet haven't felt better. (Apr 08)

Julie Whipps of Parkes, NSW, Australia:

I used to have very sore heels. After 10 days of breaking in Step Forward Orthotics, I had no pain and I've been pain free for 12 months now. (Apr 08)

Chris Eggleton of Manilla, NSW, Australia:

I bought my orthotics at a Sydney show because of lower back pain, neck pain, sore knees and headaches. Once put in shoes, all pain disappeared at once. I have been wearing orthotics all my life and these are the best set of orthotics I have ever worn. I would recommend them to anybody with problems as they helped me no end. (Apr 08)

Max Calder of Blind Bight, VIC, Australia:

I was suffering terrible heel pain and despite frequent visits to a podiatrist (55 minutes drive each way) nothing was working. When I saw Step Forward at a show I was sceptical, so I rang several times for discussions, I looked up the internet and finally decided to buy a pair. Within just a few weeks the heel pain had gone. A little discomfort in the knee quickly passed and now I would never go without my Step Forward orthotics. I strongly urge anyone with foot pain to try Step Forward. (Apr 08)

I know that any new user will probably complain about the large lump in their shoes. Tell them that I know what they are going through. Probably like others, I thought this is not going to work but I kept going and now have the results. The main time I feel a small lump is only with different shoes that I wear. Lawn Bowl shoes are fine but some of my everyday shoes, I can feel a small bump. It does not feel uncomfortable any more. I have not had any soreness in my heels for about 5 months now (touch wood). I could not perform to my best in Lawn Bowls last year due to sore ankles. This year I have made it through to my bowls club singles grand final. (updated Dec 08)

Marianne of Pearcedale, VIC, Australia:

I bought my Step Forward orthotics in August 2007 at a caravan and camping show where I was working. I did not believe anything would help with the pain in my heels. I thought I had tried everything. When I spoke to staff about the orthotics, what they said made sense! I made the investment there and then. I work in retail and had found the pain in my heels unbearable. Not anymore. It has also helped with pain in my knee. I went looking for the Step Forward stand at the next show I worked at in April 2008, just to say thank you. (Apr 08)

Tracie Laidlaw from Ararat, VIC, Australia:

I bought my orthotics about three years ago. They are fantastic. I suffered from burning heels. I had instant relief. I also suffered with pain in my hips and lower back. The orthotics have reduced the pain in these areas. Wonderful! (Mar 08)

Monica of Blaxland, NSW, Australia:

I have used these orthotics for approximately 12 months to ease neuromas in the toes. I was unable to wear shoes for longer than 1 hour as after this time my right toes felt like they were on fire. These inserts have helped enormously and I can now wear shoes all day long with no discomfort. (Mar 08)

Brent Greeves from Cherrybrook, NSW, Australia:

Took 3 weeks to get used to and now my heels do not hurt in the morning and my feet are back to normal. Step Forward certainly worked for me. (Mar 08)

Ian Wardman of Merrylands , NSW, Australia:

As a full time health care worker I spend long periods of time working on concrete floors. When I developed heel pain I found arch support foam helped for a short time however I needed a long term solution. I spent 5 weeks gradually wearing in Step Forward Orthotics and now wear them up to 18 hours a day with no problems or complications. I also find I have greater strength and stability when moving patients. (Mar 08)

Caroline of Merrylands, NSW, Australia:

The best decision I have made for my feet – worth every cent. (Mar 08)

Judith Bettington of Scone, NSW, Australia:

Several years ago I purchased Step Forward orthotics at a Field Day. I wore them a few times, for too long, and put them aside!! Twelve months later, with a knee and foot turning in and this causing problems with hips, I wore them again, but the second time, I was desperate to correct my feet, knee and hips. Gradually I became used to wearing them for longer periods. For the first time in my life I have arches in my feet and my knees and hips no longer give me pain. (Mar 08)

Judy Holm from Scone NSW, Australia, Australia:

I could not walk at all after numerous doctor's visits. I found your company at a show and investigated your stand. My problem was spurs. Your rep Trish fitted me up with shoe inserts. [At first] I thought they were expensive, but I was about to pay $400 for a podiatrist's pair anyway. The inserts proved to be a miracle after six doctor visits with no success. I would honestly suggest any foot problem that people have, to contact your company. Life is great! Now I can walk. Congratulations to your company. (Mar'08)

Marlene Harris from St. Clair, NSW, Australia:

I went to a craft fair at Rosehill Racecourse on Friday 15 February, 2008 not particularly what I wanted to do, as I knew the pain I would suffer in my foot after walking round, would be bad. I saw the Step Forward stand and thought, as I am sure many did, what a strange thing to have at a craft show. The lady on the stand invited me to sit and tell her about my problem, plantar fasciitis, and suggested I use one of the orthotics to walk round the show. After 14 weeks of pain, I felt I was walking on air!!!! I am now up to two hours a day, attempted a fairly long walk yesterday round Penrith, pain free (until I took them out of course). I would just like to say many thanks for this product and, to the person who thought about putting a stand at a craft show, well, I would say a stroke of genius. Whilst I was sitting talking and learning about the product, four other ladies joined me and were very interested in the product. All day wearing is a long way off, but I am feeling so much better, and life is beginning to look a bit brighter, free from the pain of an aching foot. Many thanks. (Feb'08)

Heather from Ballarat, VIC, Australia:

About two years ago I bought a pair of Step Forward orthotics as I had very sore feet and I suffered from spurs in the heels. I haven't had any problems since. (Feb 08)

Andrea from Seymour, VIC, Australia:

I have been using Step Forward flexible orthotics for several years. I wear them from the time I get up to the time I go to bed and I wouldn't be without them. (Feb 08)

Joseph Zammit from VIC, Australia:

I am 68 years of age. I found that when I used to get up in the morning, I walked with a limp and had to use a walking stick to help myself. I had to go and see my doctor for advice and he recommended I have an ultrasound and x-ray. He found that I have flat feet. He decided to take a print of my feet and he recommended the Step Forward Orthotics. I have been wearing them for three months and have found them very good and comfortable. I am very satisfied. Thank you. (Jan 08)

Kay Upton from WA, Australia:

After many years of wearing hard orthotic insoles making my shoes stretch out of shape, I have found Step Forward orthotics a great blessing to my feet and shoes. It has been the best outlay for my feet. My left foot was starting to turn inwards dropping the arch. With these insoles my foot has straightened up and no aches especially after dancing. I wear them in all types of shoes and even slippers. A big thank you to Step Forward. (Dec 07)

P Taylor from Perth WA, Australia:

After a foot operation over three years ago, I was still suffering a lot of discomfort and finding it more and more difficult to continue teaching dancing. On a visit to Melbourne two years ago I found the Step Forward orthotics and the relief I have had has been wonderful. (Dec 07)

Ellen Loecherer from Reservoir, VIC, Australia:

I bought the Step Forward Orthotics at a show in the Exhibition Centre. At first I did not want to buy them because I had bought other ones from Chemists and Podiatrists. I became curious because I could wear them in sandals too and also my toes would lay free. I am wearing the right shoes, so I thought I would give them a try. In the beginning I had a lot of problems because I left them in my shoes for too long, so I had corns between my toes and had to wait until they healed up. After that time, my feet got used to it and I am wearing them every day in every shoe and sandal and also in my slippers. I feel taller because I am going straighter. In my two weeks' holiday I wore them every day in my shoes. I am very happy now and I do highly recommend them. Just take it easy, your feet will tell you when they are ready to wear them all day and all the time in any shoe or sandal. (Nov 07)

Len & Annette Penny from Bright, VIC, Australia:

Both my wife and I had the chance while on holidays to fully work on the recommended day-by-day, week-by-week settling/wearing-in of our orthotics. This eventually paid off as we didn't have any troubles - even minor ones. So far Annette has steady improvement (for an 88 year old!) in her toes. She has noticed the problem of her toes curling under slowly straightening out. For myself, no more cold feet during winter (in the past I always wore two pairs of socks - now only one light pair). My big problem was having to use a spacer between my right big toe, and the bump behind the big toe. Now both problems have diminished - no spacer and 'bump' more comfortable. (Nov 07)

Josephine from Mount Claremont, WA, Australia:

Give your feet a present - they deserve it! I bought my orthotics a year ago. My toes have been very scrunched up since World War II when I wore shoes that were too small. I have been wearing the orthotics for one year and my feet are gradually improving. It is ongoing. (Nov 07)

Norm from Perth, WA, Australia:

I purchased my Step Forward Orthotics in November 2006. I am in the construction industry and on my feet all day. Since purchasing the orthotics a lot of my back pain has gone, as well as the aches in my feet. (Nov 07)

Brian French from Safety Beach, WA, Australia:

I purchased Step Forward Orthotics at the Perth Home Show 2006 and have worn them since. I have lost my burning feet sensation. I managed to use them full time within one week. I would highly recommend this product. (Oct 07)

Diana Walls from Belgrave South, VIC, Australia:

I had knife-like pains in my knees and over the top & sides of my feet. Also I had lower back problems. Since using Step Forward Orthotics my knee, feet & lower back problems have subsided. I would recommend them to anyone. (Oct 07)

Stella Hammond from Croydon South, VIC, Australia:

I am very aware of the importance of taking good care of my feet, especially as I do a lot of walking and both my mother and my grandmother suffered from bunions and other foot problems. About 5 years ago, I started to need chiropractic treatment on my feet as I was getting swollen "bunion" joints and aching feet. But since getting my Step Forward Orthotics, about two years ago, I haven't needed to have chiropractic treatment. My orthotics are comfortable and support my feet in the correct position. I transfer them from my work shoes to my hiking boots with no bother at all. I am very pleased with them. (Oct 07)

Jim Hall from Rosebud, VIC, Australia:

At 64 years of age the problems are: 1. Arthritis in the knees. 2. Flat Feet. When compared with others, this is a good deal!! Following big expenses with podiatry and orthotics over 50 years with no real benefit, I enquired at the Caravan Show, Caulfield Race Course two and a half years ago. It is now nearly two years since I got my Step Forward Orthotics. they are great and I don't walk around in circles any more. Highly recommended. (Oct 07)

Edwin from Nedlands WA, Australia:

I used to suffer from severe pain in both legs and heels and especially in the calves until I made a decision to try the orthotics. At first it was somewhat difficult to get used to the inserts in my shoes but after several weeks I felt a marked difference in my legs and finally the pain completely disappeared. I do not have the problem in my legs any longer. I recommend the orthotics to anyone with this problem. (Sep 07)

Bharat from Hillarys WA, Australia:

I bought these at the Perth Show last year and have worn them everyday with different shoes. This product has completely eliminated my knee problem and reduced my back ache. It actually works and has made a lot of difference. Thank you for recommending it - very impressed! (Sep 07)

Heather from Bacchus Marsh VIC, Australia:

My daughter has just broken in a pair, wearing now for 3 weeks & is fulltime and she is rapt with the result – pain in legs & feet has diminished considerably. (Sep 07)

Harlene from Melbourne VIC, Australia:

I bought step forward orthotics at the Older and Bolder exp in Melbourne in August. I am getting a result-even though it's slow but I can see and feel a change in my feet. As an ex dancer I have a bunion on my left foot and my right foot had a smaller bunion. I would say my right foot has had the most dramatic change as there is even a small space between my big toe and 2nd toe - where they used to be touching! My left foot is a little slower to come good but I can see a small change. I am glad I bought them and wish I had bought them earlier in my life! I am 36 years old. (Sep 07)

O. Bates from VIC, Australia:

The best health product I have ever invested in! (Sep 07)

Joan Sim from Auckland, NZ:

I have a pair of your orthotics and they are just marvellous. I have spoken to a friend about them as she has the same problem as I had. Have you an agent in NZ yet? (Apr 07)

Sue Poole from VIC, Australia:

We bought the orthotics in Bendigo 3 years ago and we have found them so comfortable. John is wearing them all the time & they have relieved the pain in his knees & ankles and no trouble with sore heels. They are just wonderful & we are two happy customers. You wouldn't think they could make so much difference - just try them!! (Mar 07)

Jane Hargreaves from Kew VIC, Australia:

Both my GP and I are astounded that in just 3 weeks I am able to wear my normal shoes (a couple needed heel grips) with minimal discomfort (which only occurs if I have been on my feet for most of the day). We both really thought I would have to have surgery on the hammer toe which would have meant 4 weeks without being able to drive and work and possibly up to 6 weeks before I could resume normal working duties. The surgery cost was going to be in excess of $1,200 but this alternative plus the physical therapy suggested in the literature, is indicating I will not need to have it done. At 62 I have given the really high heels away but still enjoy pretty, feminine feet with a little heel. (2006)

Margot Hays from Albury NSW, Australia:

Hi Team. I bought your orthotics last Wednesday at the Henty Field Days. I am very pleased with the orthotics and just wanted to let you know I was able to wear them all day by the following Saturday to my surprise. They feel so good, so spreading the word. Thanks. (2006)

Dr Odette Reader, Chiropractor from Salisbury, SA, Australia:

I am even more impressed with the Step Forward orthotics because I have had knee surgery, some 35 years ago, and then hurt my knee in the snow in Canada last Xmas. I had constant 'bone pain' knee pain with a severe limp for 6 months even with chiropractic management (my chiropractor is a trained and qualified sports chiropractor). Nevertheless the knee pain was so intense of a non-stop nagging pain that both my chiropractor and myself were looking at possible surgical intervention. It was at the Congress in June 2005 that I put in the orthotics (in my normal pair Spanish leather fitted shoes) and within minutes the knee pain stopped for the first time in 6 months. Maybe now you can see how pleased and convinced I am about the orthotics and the management of knee pain!

I have worn podiatric orthotics supplied by a variety of podiatrists in Canada and Australia for almost 40 years. They were prescribed for me due to muscle cramping when I was competitive swimming and weight lifting. I have found that I would de-compensate after some months of wear and developed persistent low back pain and headaches. I would need to take them out until the foot pain (plantar fasciitis) or back pain (scoliosis) became worse and then a new pair of orthotics would relieve this pain for months. This cycle has continued for all these years. My brother-in-law is a podiatrist! I still like your products better!! User friendly, practical and functional (no gross matronly shoes!).  (Feb 2006)

Colin Bareham from Pymble NSW, Australia:

A Miracle Cure – I Think So! After years of aching calves and 'red hot' burning sensations in my heels I came across salvation at the Adelaide Home Show. The team there tested my footprint and suggested a solution. They seemed to know exactly how much pain I was in. The solution was simple – wear the corrective inserts, stick to the program and it would get better. Here I am one year later and write this testimonial that after a few days it felt much better and after a few weeks it began to matter less and less. No more aches & pains. In fact I definitely feel better all over. (2006)

Adriyana from Canberra ACT, Australia:

I recently bought a pair of orthotics from your company at the small farming show in Queanbeyan. They are great. I would like to buy some for my father now as he too suffers from feet pain. (2006)

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